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Independent Watkins Associate
Tell us about your business and little bit about why you decided to work
from home?

I first got started in direct sales 32 years ago. I worked outside the
home as well back then. Once my children got older and were on their own,
I started my business with Watkins and have been with them now for 9
years. I wanted to be able to contribute to the family household bills and
be able to enjoy life a little more.

Watkins was started back in 1868 and today we have close to 400 products.
I love the business, the products, the people I meet and work with, and
there is always something new coming with Watkins. Watkins is a wonderful
business to have and the compensation plan is super.

What type of training, experience or education?

Watkins has a lot of training. We have conference calls, two websites to
access 24-7 for information and printable business tools, we have a yearly
conference we can attend, awards, recognition, prizes, trips and much

You do not need any type of experience to work with Watkins. I have a
grade 12 education and am a hairstylist by trade.

How do you work your business around your schedule?

I work my business during the day and in the evening. I have no children
at home and with just hubby and I here its not a problem. I choose my own
hours, I take holidays when I like and just enjoy every minute of it.

How do you build your business?

I work my business both offline and online. Offline I have a sign on my
front lawn that brings me a lot of business. I have a decal on the back
window of our truck, I leave my business card and catalogs in a lot of
places. I talk to a lot of people and they in turn pass my name on to
their friends. I have a large customer base which I am adding to

Online, I advertise a lot on forums, I have two blogs, I belong to a lot
of message forums and meet a lot of great people. I have my own Watkins
website where people can buy products, sign up with me, request a free
catalog and business information or just browse the catalog.
I have a great downline and a wonderful upline as well.

What is your greatest sales tool?

Offline, my greatest sales tool would be my yard sign and business cards.
Online its the message forums I belong to and the networking that I do.

Where do you see the future leading you in your home business?

I see myself with Watkins forever. I love the business and it does great
for me so I have no worries about the future. I do very well with my
business and am sure I will continue to do so.

What advice for other Moms looking to work from home?

One thing I can say to others who are looking to work from home is to ask
a lot of questions. Be sure you know what you are getting into, what is
expected of you in the business, find out all the facts, take your time
and don't jump at the first business that comes along. Do your research
and be sure to join a business you will enjoy doing. If you are not happy
with something, you will not be successful at it.

If anyone is interested in Watkins, they can reach me at  or my website at
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